Satisfactory Service with Safety Our Priority
David Tarapaski is the President Fastback Construction Ltd. With over 25 years experience operating Heavy Equipment and 20+ years owning Fastback Construction Ltd., he brings a wealth of experience to every worksite. 

Based out of Redwater, Alberta,  Fastback Construction Ltd. has had an exemplary safety record and is well respected in the community. Known as a company managed with integrity and pride in completing every job to the customer's satisfaction with Safety always a priority.

Fastback can also provide clay, sand, gravel and topsoil - delivered directly to your site. 

Please Contact Us at for a Rate Sheet

or Phone (780) 499- 2367 to speak with Dave directly for any earthworks needs you may have. 

Fastback Construction Ltd. Box 472, Redwater, AB T0A 2W0



The following is a brief list of the work Dave has successfully completed since the conception of Fastback Construction Ltd.  The vast majority of the jobs he takes on are breaking ground to final grade.

 Built 100+ Lease Sites



Lay 300+ km of Pipeline 3” to 12”

Installed 50+ Facilities


Reclaimed 100+ Leases

Site preparation for several gas plant expansions

And Building Roads

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Dave has extensive experience excavating around Fiberglas lines and Hot Lines. He has experience, managing employees, the highest number he employed was 25 men while completing all aspects of laying 30 km of 3” to 6” pipeline and installing 8 facilities for Renaissance Pipeline, in 1995.



Dave takes pride in maintaining safe worksite procedures and is very proud that no injuries have ever occurred with anyone on his worksites.Grader.jpg

Fastback Construction Ltd. has been contracted by the following companies and successfully completed said jobs, maintaining good stead with said companies. References upon request.

Agrium                 Baytex                            Nova               TriLink

Amerada Hess      Devon Oil                       PennWest        Rennaissance


Amoco                 Dynamic Oil and Gas      PetroCanada    WestFire 

Arc Resources      Imperial Oil                    Provident          NorthShore Env.